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Nature Trail

The Nature Trail located next to the Elementary School exemplifies North WaVIII_A_-_Nature_Trail_2_pic_.jpgll’s philosophy of offering experimental learning in an enriched environment. 

VIII_A_-__Nature_Trail_1_pic_Elena_playing_in_pond.JPGConducive to the study of botany and wildlife,  the Nature Trail features over 75 varieties of plants.  These plants are strategically located to attract birds, butterflies and hummingbirds.  Each plant is labeled with a picture, its common name, scientific name and other characteristics. We also have goldfish year round and occasionally frogs and other wildlife.  

The children witness the life cycle of the chrysalis in the butterfly garden and the life cycle of the tadpole in the pond.

The entire trail has a 300 foot asphalt pathway for the enjoyment of all ages of children.