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Families & Community

North Wall encourages family and community involvement in the school.  IX_-_1_Pic_Families__Comm_Phaedra__Hayden_2.jpgThis ranges from driving on field trips for your child’s class, volunteering in the classroom on a regular basis or coming in just once to share a special talent or interest with our students.  It also includes serving on the Parent Advisory Board and planning parties and events for the classroom or serving on the Children’s Association Board which sponsors several service projects and several fund raisers each year.

IX_-_2_Pic_Families__Comm__Daddy_helps_Luke-Special_Guest_Speaker_3.jpgCommunity involvement includes weekly fieldtrips for the older students in the summer and monthly field trips year-round for all children except Infants & Toddlers.  We have many specialists from the community who visit our classrooms and do guest presentations to enhance learning about the particular subject which the students are studying. We also sponsor Roots and Wings, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of Indigenous children in rural Guatemala