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Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage you to take on leadership roles in the program, such as being on the Parent Advisory Board or serving as an officer in the North Wall Children's Association. Also, our classrooms regularly provide opportunities to participate in activities and events.

Leadership Roles:

  • North Wall Children's Association Officer
  • Room Parent (also serves on the Parent Advisory Board)
  • Evenet Committee
    • Cookie Dough
    • Auction
    • Nature Trail
    • Summer Celebration

 Specific Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Classroom Assistant: This assistant comes into the classroom on a regular basis for about 30-45 minutes. Requirements:
    • TB Test
    • Criminal history background check
    • Positive Discipline Training
  • Materials Assistant: Preps materials at home for the classroom.
  • Specialist: Shares a talent or interest with the class. Requirements:
    • Spends 15-30 minutes with the children
    • Brings items or pictures to show
    • Allows time for questions from the children
  • Field Trip Driver or Chaperone. Requirements:
    • Valid First Aid and CPR
    • Criminal history background check

Please check any area you are interested in: 

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Room Parent:
Materials Assistant:
Fieldtrip Driver:
Classroom Assistant:
Times available for volunteering in classroom:
Topic or Talent to share (specialist)
NWCA Officer: Position Interest in:
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 Cookie Dough
 Nature Trail
 Summer Celebration