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“The teachers have a beautiful way of recognizing and honoring the unique beauty of God’s creation in each child. We appreciate the way they help our child to learn to read, write and think!”

–Mac Ryerse, Corporate Secretary for Potlach Corporation 


My experience with our teachers is collaborative in effort, love and dedication for our children's growth and development.  We feel like they are family!

 - Esther Wilson, Sales Manager, Pitney Bowes

Multi-Age Preschool

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Teacher: Krystal Nelson

BA In Education; BA in Human Development and Family Sciences

 Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:9

 Maximum Class Size: 18

 Ages of Children: 3-5 years


Personal Background: Previously, I worked with Infants and Toddlers at the Nike World Head Quarters Child Development Center. I have a BA in Education and a BA in Human Development and Family Sciences from Oregon State University. This is my fourth year at North Wall.  My husband Brian and I, were married in 2009, and we enjoying having a child of our own, Parker.  I enjoy going to the movies and spending time with my family. Teaching at North Wall is enjoyable for me because I love the relationships I form with my students and their families.

Teaching Philosophy: It is important to me that the children in my classroom feel safe, respected, and loved. Every child learns at their own pace and in their own learning style. It is my job to make sure that all of the children feel confident in their skills and abilities and will be encouraged to become independent thinkers and doers. I will give them the encouragement and the tools they need to be successful learners. It is amazing how capable children are at a young age when given the opportunity.

Goals for the Class:

  • To guide children in social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth.
  • To promote a positive sense of self and others
  • To keep the love of learning nurtured in every child
  • To encourage each child’s creativity and imagination
  • To prepare children for lifelong learning 

Class Schedule:

Class Schedule:

7:30 - Arrival and exploration, snack

9:00 – Circle

9:15 – Morning Learning Centers

                (language, math, art, science, social studies)

*10:30 Outdoor Time/PE

11:00 – Music and movement, show and share

11:15 - Lunch

12:00 - Restroom reminders, quiet time

12:30 – Nap/rest time

2:30 – Snack

*3:00 – Outdoor Time

3:45 – Circle

4:00 - Afternoon Learning Centers

                (language, math, art, science, social studies)

4:45 – Snack, choice centers

5:30 - Closing