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1) Pay a non-refundable Registration Fee to hold an opening for up to 2 weeks, until our next session starts, or to keep your child on a Paid Wait List until an opening occurs.

Click here to begin Registration or to be placed on a Paid Wait List

2) Arrange for a Tour by calling our school at 509-466-2695.

3) Arrange for a Trial Visit (A Trial Visit is also available to prospective students without paying the Registration Fee. However the opening is not held during the process.)

4) Fill out the Student Record and the Immunization forms prior to the Trial Visit.

Click here to complete Registration Process

5) Receive a written registration confirmation if the student is accepted.

5) Fill out the rest of the Registration forms prior to the student's start date.

6) Receive a refund of your Registration Fee if the student is not accepted unless you wish to remain on the Paid Wait List for future consideration.