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K-2nd Documentation Panel: "The Human Body"

Skill Assessed: Ability to apply new knowledge


“Hi, Connor!  What are you working on?”

“I’m working on the heart.”

“Yeah?  What does your heart do?

“Your heart connects to your lungs and pumps oxygen to your lungs.  It pumps blood to your body, and these are your arteries, and they pump blood away from your heart.  These are your veins, and they pump blood to your heart.”


”ThII_B_1_-_Pic_2_Assessment_K-3_Doc_2_-_Connor-lungs_.jpgese are the lungs right here.  They go in front of the heart like this.  They kind of look like upside-down stockings.  These ones are healthy ones, like the ones we saw yesterday, but if you smoke, they would be all black.”

“Yeah, those black lungs we saw yesterday were gross, weren’t they?   So, what do your lungs do?”

“Your lungs help you breathe.  Good thing you don’t smoke!, ‘cause you breathe in oxygen, and you breathe out something else.  I forget what it’s called., “cardon oxide “or something like that...oh yeah, carbon dioxide.”II_B_1-_Pic_3_Assessment__K-3_Doc_3-_Connor-brain_.jpg


“And this is the inside of the head, and this is the outside of the head.  This is cool!  It’s your brain!  Your brain helps you to think and remember memories, and it tells your body what to do.  The neurons shoot whenever you learn something—which is almost all the time!”