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“Thank you for such an excellent place to learn, grow, and mature for our children!  The staff at this school never fail to make the children feel important and special .”

Karina &   Hawk Robinson, Programmer - Self Employed                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Multi-Age Kindergarten Documentation Panel:

“Life Cycle of a Sunflower”

Skill Assessed: Ability to explain the life cycle of a plant


What are you working on, Bobby?”II_B_2_-_3_MAK_DP_Bobby_3.jpg

“I’m getting the seeds out.  I’m going to fill the jar with seeds, and we can plant them in the spring.”


 “What will happen to the seeds when we plant them?”

 “They will grow and grow.  Bees will come an pollinate  ‘em,”


“You sure know a lot about flowers.”

                                                                                               “Yep, I do!”