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Curriculum: Preschool

We use Creative Curriculum and High Scope as a basis for many aspects of our preschool curriculum.


We read to children daily  from books which are at least 2 years ahead of  their reading ability in order to increase understanding of vocabulary and elements of a story.  We use a multi-sensory approach to teaching phonics and sight words. 


Opportunities to seek solutions to concrete problems are provided to help students develop concepts and skills in mathematical and scientific thinking.  Children measure sand, water and cooking ingredients; observe and record changes in the environment and climate


Children have opportunities to use the arts to symbolize their experiences, ideas, and emotions in verbal and non-verbal ways.  We also provide opportunities to participate in group music experiences and to listen to various types of music.


Each child’s home culture and language are brought into the classroom through family involvement, special celebrations, and photos.  Monthly field trips or visits from guest speakers and family members offer opportunities for children to experience the larger community and individuals from a variety of backgrounds. 


Our PE Program includes many opportunities to participate in cooperative games and to practice running, jumping, climbing, throwing, catching,  and balancing, etc.


We teach children how to use the mouse and keyboard to use various programs on the computer for practice and review and creative thinking and problem solving.