Summer Kin – 1st Grade

Kat Nguyen
K-1 Summer Teacher

Personal Background

Kat is working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Whitworth University; she is also studying Special Education and Biblical Studies.  She has already worked in a variety of schools, including centers in Kenya and Vietnam.  She has worked in North Wall’s summer program and school year Pre Kindergarten for two years. 

Kat trained in the circus, and she has a Chowski named Toby.  She brings a beautiful, dynamic perspective to North Wall!

Class Schedule

7:30 am Free exploration, classroom jobs

9:00 am Morning Circle, Go Needle, Calendar

9:30 am Morning Centers

10:30 am Outside time/conclusion of Centers (activities depending on day)

11:00 am Grace and lunch

12:00 pm PE/silent reading and relaxation (activities depending on day)

1:00 pm Afternoon Circle

1:15 pm Afternoon Centers

3:00 pm Conclusion of school day/transition to after school program