Kin – 2nd Grade

“Thank you for providing a program that understands the development of children in all phases, where their love of learning is well nurtured!” – Debra Swaiser

Lee Kinney
BA Early Childhood Education

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:16
Maximum Class Size: 16
Ages of Children: 5-8 years

Personal Background:

My love for learning began with playing school as a child. Since then, I’ve tried to learn something new every day, no matter how small. I traveled as a Navy spouse around the Pacific, living on the islands of Japan, Okinawa, and Guam. I enjoy other cultures and trying new things. Before beginning my formal education, I was a Site Director with Spokane Schools Express Child Care Program. I continued there as I finished my AAS at Spokane Falls Community College and moved on to earn my BA from Eastern Washington University. Having substituted in K-6 classrooms since 2015, I began teaching at North Wall in 2018, and I enjoy sharing my love of learning with your children.

Philosophy of Teaching: 

I have a passion for education I believe children grow and develop at their own rate, just as flowers bloom when they are ready. We, as a community, work together to give our children experiences that will encourage them to see all the   possibilities the world has to offer. They deserve a safe, clean environment in which to grow and learn the skills needed for their futures. To ensure that every child is  accepted, loved and treated kindly, I will look at each child as an individual. I invite families to be included in this process so that, together, we will help each child succeed.

Goals for the Class:

· Inspire respect and responsibility through integrated curriculum

· Model and foster a growth mindset in students

· Celebrate student growth

· Create a culture of transparency

Empower students as leaders

Class Schedule:

8:00  Arrival, math exploration centers

9:00  AM Daily Circle, Centers: number

          sense, science, technology, journaling

10:00  PE

10:30  Snack, complete activities

11:00  Grace and lunch

11:30  Silent reading

12:00  Journals

12:30  PM Daily Circle, Centers: literacy, social studies, art, journaling

2:30  Outside play

3:00  After school activity learning

5:00  Close of school