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North Wall’s philosophy is to encourage each student to develop to his/her full potential, intellectually, physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. Further, we believe in developing a student’s sensitivity toward others, a positive self-concept, higher level thinking skills while teaching basic skills and knowledge.

Christian values are modeled, emphasising that God made each person unique and worthwhile. The major theme of the program is LOVE. We are totally committed to demonstrating unconditional love to students as Christ has demonstrated to us. North Wall is not related to any church, and no particular doctrine is taught.

Positive discipline is used exclusively at North Wall. The staff model respectful, loving behavior and expect the same from the children. The children are encouraged to show kindness and consideration to each other. Each child is expected to be responsible for his/her own actions.

The desired outcome for the children who attend North Wall is to be positive members of our community and to become well-educated, loving, and respectful members of the world community.


  • To demonstrate unconditional love to students
  • To provide an accademically strong and intellecutally challenging curriculum
  • To provide positive individual guidance for student behavior
  • To teach to multiple intelligences and various learning styles

Here are a few links to explore our phylosophy a little more: