“Thank you for such an excellent place to learn, grow, and mature for our children!  The staff at this school never fail to make the children feel important and special .”

 – Karina & Hawke Robinson, Programmer

Kari Dodman
Toddler Teacher

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:6
Maximum Class Size: 12
Ages of Children: 1-2 years

Personal Background:

I started my teaching career at St. Aloysius Early Learning Center, and I volunteered at a local church’s children’s program. Upon completing my Bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University in 2018, I chose to come to teach at North Wall Schools. I love the focus on each child’s being loved individually and on the connection between home and school.

Philosophy of Teaching:

I believe children discover and learn about the world in their own unique ways. Each child should feel supported. loved, and safe so that he or she can thrive. My goals are to encourage emotional intelligence and personal independence in all daily activities.

Goals for the Class:

  • foster emotional intelligence and independence so that children develop an “I Can” confidence in all daily activities.
  • inspire a love for lifetime learning and exploration by creating engaging centers that focus on physical, cognitive, language, creative, and social/emotional development.
  • encourage continuous communication between parents and teachers to create consistency for each child.

Class Schedule:

8:00 Arrival, snack, toileting, free choice exploration

9:00 Circle time

9:30 Outside exploration

10:15 Morning centers (cognitive, creative expression, physical, social/emotional, sensory), toileting

11:15 Music and movement

11:30 Grace and lunch

12:15 Reading time, toileting

12:30 Rest time

2:30 Waking up, snack, toileting

3:15 Afternoon centers outside

4:00 Free choice exploration, toileting

4:30 Snack, pick up

5:00 Close of school