“The teachers have a beautiful way of recognizing and honoring the unique beauty of God’s creation in each child. We appreciate the way they help our child to learn to read, write and think!”

–Mac Ryerse, Corporate Secretary for Potlach Corporation 

Anais Thompson
BA in Human Development,
Early Childhood Education

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:10

Maximum class size: 20

Ages of Children: 3 1/2 – 6 Years

Personal Background:

Anais graduated from WSU with a BA in Human Development with a certificate in Early Childhood Education. She came back to North Wall after her Internship, 3 years ago. Anais plans to eventually obtain a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, but is happy to be back at North Wall where she has enjoyed getting to know your children and seeing them happy at school! Anais and her husband, Rowdy, have 2 daughters: Aribelle and Aurora, both at North Wall. She and her family enjoy hiking, camping, and she enjoys mountain biking and creating art with her daughters.

Philosophy of Teaching:

Because children learn best through play, I try to create a classroom environment rich in opportunities for creativity, critical thinking, experimentation, collaboration, and decision making.  I am creating the foundation for lifetime learning, and I want to build it with the joy of discovery, satisfaction of participation, and contentment of genuine relationships.

Goals for the Class:

  • To create a physically, mentally, and emotionally safe environment for all who enter.
  • To honor each child’s unique culture, interests, and needs.
  • To prepare each child for success in the transition to kindergarten.

Class Schedule:

8:00 Arrival, handwashing, snack

8:45 Clean-up, journaling

9:00 Circle

9:30 Learning centers

10:30 Outside time (PE on Mon. & Tues.)                                

11:30 Handwashing, lunch

12:15 Story time

12:30 Rest, nap, quiet activities

2:00 Snack

2:30 Outside time

3:15 Centers, free choice activities

4:00 Music & Movement

4:30 Snack, closing circle

5:00 Close of school