Program Evaluation

Elementary and Early Childhood Program Evaluations

Thank you for participating in the current NWS Family Survey (Early Childhood families). The families who participated agreed or strongly agreed to the following statements:

99.1% have a good relationship with their child’s teaching staff.

93.4% are comfortable with what their child is learning and how their progress is being measured. They agree they have an opportunity to discuss what is learned and how it is measured.

92.5% feel that the school is providing the highest quality of education and care possible for children in a diverse loving Christian atmosphere.

The Elementary families who participated in the current NWS survey also gave useful information. The families who completed the survey chose the following phrases to best describe, in general, the kinds of things teachers say to students during school:

  1. You took the right approach!
  2. I am interested in your thinking.
  3. You got it right!

The following words or phrases that best describe, in general, the kinds of things the students are DOING while at school:

  1. Working with others
  2. Completing challenging work
  3. Thinking

The following words best describe, in general, the interactions families have with the staff at North Wall:

  • Supportive, collaborative, and respectful.

In regard to the to the overall communication and improvement surveys:

  • Families would like more specific information about how their child participated in daily learning activities, possible extending North Wall hours, and bringing back more on-site events and field trips like in pre-pandemic times.
  • Families appreciate the daily outdoor time, experience-based learning, and that each child is valued for their strengths. Families greatly value the communication Brightwheel provides and the excellent teaching staff.

Thank you for providing feedback all year for our many events and fundraisers.  We appreciate all of your insights and suggestions!