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Located at 9408 N. Wall on a scenic 2 1/2 acres of land in the northern part of Spokane, Washington, the Elementary School & Child Development Center share the same campus which is divided into 6 different outdoor areas appropriate for each age level.

Kindergarten—Sixth Grade:

The  2 story tree fort in the old willow tree is a favorite hangout.  Riding down the hill on a zip line, tending the organic garden, playing basketball and soccer, or climbing to new heights on the climbing wall are also popular.


VIII_-_Campus_2_pic_zip_line.jpgMulti-Age Preschool & Kindergarten:

What an adventure it is to go “campVIII_-_Campus_3_pic_chimes.jpging” with a canoe and a pretend bonfire, to put on a play for our friends in the gazebo, to go “fishing” in the outdoor stream, or to  build sand castles in the wet sand in this natural setting!


Toddlers walk on the balance beam, ride tricycles around the track or paint on the outdoor easel, and Infants crawl on the covered outdoor carpet area, touch the water flowing in the  fountain, and ring the chimes.   






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