“You ladies are amazing! You manage to command respect and attention from a dozen 3 year olds while still keeping the space friendly, fun, and educational! Our daughter loves you.”

Amy Dutton, self-employed

Anais Thompson
BA Human Development with Early Childhood focus
Kari Dodman
BS Family and Human Development

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:9
Maximum Class Size: 16
Ages of Children: 2 1/2 – 4 years

Personal Background:

Anais graduated from WSU with a BA in Human Development with a certificate in Early Childhood Education. She came back to North Wall after her Internship, 3 years ago. Anais plans to eventually obtain a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, but is happy to be back at North Wall where she has enjoyed getting to know your children and seeing them happy at school! Anais and her husband, Rowdy, have 2 daughters: Aribelle and Aurora, both at North Wall. She and her family enjoy hiking, camping, and she enjoys mountain biking and creating art with her daughters.

Kari has a BS from Arizona State University in Family and Human Development, and she has brought her learning to bear in a teaching position at St. Aloysius here in Spokane, as well as volunteering at Westview Elementary and teaching in a local church’s children’s program.  This is her third year at North Wall. Kari and husband Brandon have two elementary children, Ellie and Jackson.  She enjoys music, reading, and the outdoors. The value Kari places on loving each child individually,  inspiring a desire to be the best you can be, and creating connections between school and home drew Kari here.

Teaching Philosophy:

It is important to me that the children in my classroom feel safe, respected, and loved. Every child learns at their own pace and in their own learning style. It is my job to make sure that all of the children feel confident in their skills and abilities and will be encouraged to become independent thinkers and doers. I will give them the encouragement and the tools they need to be successful learners. It is amazing how capable children are at a young age when given the opportunity.

Goals for the Class:

  • To show each child they are loved, special and important
  • To provide various materials and activities which facilitate multi-sensory experiences
  • To foster a caring environment filled with unconditional love and acceptance
  • To plan learning experiences for physical, social, emotional, creative, and cognitive growth
  • To work as a team with each child’s family and encourage continued learning at home

Class Schedule:

8:00 – Arrival / Bathroom / Snack

9:00 – Circle

9:15 – Morning Learning Centers (language, math, art, science, social studies)

10:00 – Bathrooms / Clean-up / Coats on

10:15 Outdoor Time

11:00 – Music and movement, show and share

11:15 – Lunch

12:00 – Bathroom

12:30 – Nap/rest time

2:30 – Bathroom / Snack / Centers

3:30 – Outdoor Time

4:15 – Bathrooms / Closing Circle

4:30 – Get ready for departure / Snack

5:00 – Close of school