Transitional Kindergarten – First Grade

“The teachers have a beautiful way of recognizing and honoring the unique beauty of God’s creation in each child. We appreciate the way they help our child to learn to read, write and think!”Mac Ryerse, Corporate Secretary for Potlach Corporation 

Lee Kinney
BA Early Childhood Education

Teacher/child ratio 1:12

Maximum class size 12

Ages of children 4 1/2 – 7 years

Personal Background:

My love for learning began with playing school as a child. Since then, I’ve tried to learn something new every day, no matter how small. I traveled as a Navy spouse around the Pacific, living on the islands of Japan, Okinawa, and Guam. I enjoy other cultures and trying new things. Before beginning my formal education, I was a Site Director with Spokane Schools Express Child Care Program. I continued there as I finished my AAS at Spokane Falls Community College and moved on to earn my BA from Eastern Washington    University. I have substituted in K-6 classrooms since 2015.

Philosophy of Teaching:

I believe children grow and develop at their own rate, just as flowers bloom when they are ready. We, as a community, work together to give our children experiences that will encourage them to see all the possibilities the world has to offer. They deserve a safe, clean environment in which to grow and learn the skills needed for their futures. To ensure that every child is    accepted, loved and treated kindly, I will look at each child as an individual. I invite families to be included in this process so that, together, we will help each child succeed.

Class Schedule:

8:00 – Math Exploration Centers

9:00 – AM Daily Circle/Centers: Number Sense, Science, Technology, Journaling

9:30 – PE

10:00 —  Snack

10:15 – Continue AM Lesson Activities

11:00 – Clean up, get ready for lunch

11:30 – Prayer & Lunch

12:00 – Silent Reading

12:30 – Small group instruction

1:30– PM Daily Circle/Centers: Literacy, Social Studies, Art, Journaling

2:30 — Outside

3:00-3:30 – Clean up and free play

Art, Spanish specialists on Tuesdays, music specialist on Thursdays