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Teacher: Dianna Stecker, AA in Early Childhood Education

  Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:4

  Maximum Class Size: 8

  Ages of Children: 3-12 months


 Personal Background: While working on my AAS Degree at SFCC in Early Childhood Education, I did an internship in the Toddler Class at SFCC.  I enjoyed it so much that after I graduated, I worked at the Spokane Montessori Schools-Toddler House for three years.  I also worked at Charis Montessori in the Toddler Class for two years, and now I have taught here at North Wall for nine years.

Philosophy of Teaching: I will show respect, dignity and appreciation for the uniqueness of each child. I will respect the family and culture that each child is blessed with. I will provide appropriate activities and create and maintain a safe and healthy environment that fosters children’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development.

Goals for the Class:

  • To provide a safe, warm, inviting environment that fosters the development of the whole child
  • To work with them as a team with each child's family and encourage continued learning at home
  • To show each child that they are loved, respected, special and very important!

Class Schedule:

(The times listed below are flexible, and children participate in these activities according to their own schedules.)

7:30 - Arrival time and breakfast

8:30 - Free exploration

9:00 - Lap time & Learning Centers

            (Language/Literacy, Cognitive, Creative Expression, Social/Emotional & Physical)

10:30 - Outdoor time

11:00 - Lunch

12:30 -   Nap time

2:30 - Outdoor time

3:00 - Lap Time & Learning Centers (Language/Literacy, Cognitive,
Creative Expression, Social/Emotional and Physical)

4:00 - Free  exploration